OKEBET | Withdraw Tutorial using GCASH

Here’s the tutorial and guide on how to withdraw in OKEBET (OKBET) Online Casino using GCASH. Disclaimer: This tutorial blog is for entertainment and an information only. Do your own research as well, you are responsible on your actions.

OKEBET: Withdraw using GCASH E-Wallet

Step 1: Open OKEBET

Open your OKEBET App or go to the main site and login your account. Click the wallet icon on the right side and click “WITHDRAW” as shown in the photo above.

Step 2: Settle a Valid Bet

Before withdrawing your funds, you must click the “Settle Valid Bet” first. After that, the withdrawable amount will reflect on the screen. Players can withdraw using different methods. Bank Card, GCASH, GrabPay, and Paymaya. For this tutorial, we will use GCASH.

Step 3: Select GCASH

Enter your account name and your mobile number. Then, click SUBMIT. Your GCASH account should be fully verified to avoid future problems. You can do this first (setting up your GCASH) before settling the bet.

Step 4: Withdraw your Money

Enter the amount you want to withdraw. The minimum amount is 100 PHP and the maximum amount is 50,000 PHP per transaction. Lastly, click SUBMIT. Please wait 5 minutes to an hour due to higher volume of withdrawal request it might be delayed, but rest assured you will received your money right away. You can also check your Withdrawal Status on your account. For more concerns and questions, just chat or message their Live Support. They will guide you as well.

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