OKEBET | Website is NOT Opening (SOLUTION)

Here’s the guide on how to fix OKEBET website if it is not opening on Android Devices. Please follow the tutorial below. Disclaimer: This tutorial blog is for entertainment and an information only. Do your own research as well for your own actions.


Open your Google Chrome on your android mobile phone. Click the triple dot or just find and click the Settings. Then, find and click the Privacy and Security. Next, click “Use Secure DNS” and “Choose Another Provider“. Click the drop down arrow and select the Cloudflare ( or the Google. Finally, close the tab or the Google Chrome and go to the main of OKEBET again. Players can use the back-up links if the main site is not opening. OKEBET assures that this method is fully secured as it encrypted with SSL certificate. .

OKEBET (OKE-BET) Back up links:
Back-up Link: https://bit.ly/okebet168
Back-up Link: https://bit.ly/okebet888
Back-up Link: https://bit.ly/okebetasia