OKEBET GCASH Deposit using Paymaya

Players can deposit in OKEBET using GCASH with Paymaya with very easy steps! This is still working even GCASH undergo maintenance procedure. Disclaimer: This tutorial blog is for entertainment and an information only. Do your own research as well, you are responsible on your actions. Do read our Terms and Conditions. Entering this website means accepting our T&C.


  • Deposit in GCASH QR code using Paymaya (Maya)
  • Withdraw funds using Maya

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Login and Go to Deposit

Register in OKEBET and claim your 6% cashback by depositing 500php and above! Click the button above to proceed in OKEBET Website.

Step 2: Select Paymaya (Maya)

Just find and select Paymaya (Maya) QR PH. Sometimes, Gcash is not working or in Maintenance, so just use Paymaya to pay in GCASH QR Code.

Step 3: Enter the Amount

Just input the amount you want to deposit or cash-in. The minimum amount is 100 php and the maximum amount per transaction is 50,000 php. Then, click Next.

Step 4: Click Pay by GCASH

Next, just click the Pay By Gcash . This method will help you when GCASH is unavailable or maintenance.

Step 5: Input the GCASH Number

Enter your GCASH number and click OK. You will need it for the next step.

Step 6: Screenshot the QR Code

Just take a screenshot of your QR Code, this is need for the next step.

Step 7: Log in on your GCASH Account

Now, log in to your GCASH account and click the QR button as shown in the photo.

Step 8: Upload the QR Code

Next, you need to upload the QR code that you screenshot before. Just click the upload button.

Step 9: QR Code

Here’s how you upload the QR code. You can find it in your files.

Step 10: Click Send Money to Maya Wallet

Just click the Send Money.

Step 11: Click Confirm

Just click the confirm button. There’s a charge of 15 pesos.

Step 12: Input the OTP and Submit

Just enter the OTP sent to your number and click submit.

Step 13: Finished! Save your Receipt

You’re done depositing in OKEBET using Paymaya (Maya) to GCASH. This method can be used if the GCASH system in OKEBET is in MAINTENANCE. So, better to use Paymaya to pay in GCASH.

REGISTER now in OKEBET and get your 6% Cashback bonus Now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

  1. How to Register in OKEBET?
    – To Register in OKEBET please check the step by step here. Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus and 6% cashback for every top up of 500 PHP above!
  2. How to Login in OKEBET?
    – Login here. You must register first, check the tutorial here.
  3. How much is the minimum cash-in?
    – The minimum cash-in is 100 php using GCASH, Paymaya (MAYA) or Grabpay. For banks, the minimum is 300 php. How to cash-in? Please check here.
  4. How to cash-out or withdraw?
    – To withdraw your fund, you can use GCASH, Paymaya (Maya) or Banks. Check the tutorial here.
  5. How much is the minimum cash-out?
    – The minimum cash-out is 100 php using GCASH, Paymaya (Maya) or Banks.
  6. How long does it take to deposit?
    – The deposit is instant. After you made the deposit using any payment method, just refresh your account or app.
  7. How long does it take the withdrawal?
    – It usually takes 20-60 minutes due to high volume of withdrawal request. Rest assured you will received your money. Check the tutorial here.
  8. How to become Agent of OKEBET OKBET?
    – To become OKEBET agent, apply here. Please wait for our email within 24 hrs and please change your password after you received the account.
  9. What are the payment method in OKEBET OKBET?
    – Players can use GCASH, Paymaya (Maya), GrabPay and other Banks.
  10. What is the reason of Withdrawal Failure?
    – Here’s the reasons: GCASH Limit, Paymaya Limit, GCASH Error, GCASH Maintenance, Paymaya Maintenance, Bank Maintenance, System Maintenance, and Not reach the Valid Bet. For more concerns please message the 24/7 live chat.